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The Electropaedia Battery Knowledge Base


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The site provides a comprehensive knowledge base about energy supply and battery technologies, battery applications, chargers and ancillary equipment.

It contains over 200 web pages of information and explanations, many of which are the equivalent of several A4 pages long.

It also contains a History of Technology (with a special mention of batteries of course)

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It should be useful to educators, product designers, battery applications engineers, electric traction specialists and energy systems buyers and planners.


Beginners Page (For students)


This is not a trading site. We do not buy or sell anything on this web site.

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Sustainable Development ?

Electric power generation and energy supply technologies.

The engineering without the politics

Energy Supply Overview

Energy Resources

Energy Consumption

Energy Efficiency

Energy from Fossil Fuels

Energy from Biofuels

Solar     Energy

Wind     Energy

Nuclear Energy

Economics of some domestic and grid scale energy capture systems. (The cost of green energy)

Carbon Footprints (A short story)

Everything you ever wanted to know about batteries

Battery Types

Grid Scale Energy Storage

Battery Chemistries

Battery Performance

Battery Management Systems

Battery Manufacturing

Battery Failure Modes

Battery Reliability and Warranty Issues

Battery Chargers

Battery Glossary

New Cell Designs and Chemistries

Free Report - Buying Batteries in China

Heroes and Villains

Some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about technology developments, the context in which they occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

History of Technology

Technology Timeline

Hall of Fame

Unexpected Outcomes & Sticky Endings

Development of Quantum Physics

Particle Physics - Standard Model

Historical Themes and Characters

Corner Technologies & Applications Corner Corner Finding Your Way Corner

Energy Alternatives

Battery Technologies

Electric Machines



Digital Logic and Computer Design

Enigma's Cryptic Secrets

Iron and Steel


Rocket Science

Atomic Spectroscopy

Technology Search Engine Find it Fast


Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)


Site Map


Who Provided the Information?


The information on this site was made available by Woodbank Communications an independent, technology consulting company. The information provided by the company is given freely but limited to what is published here on the site. Hopefully you will find what you want here. More information is added regularly to the site and any contributions or suggestions for improvement you wish to make will be gratefully received. We hope you find it helpful.


This is not a trading site and the company does not solicit sales, nor offer services via this site.


Except for CHEEVC, Woodbank Communications has no business relationship with, or financial interest in, any of the companies whose ads appear on the site. The advertising revenue contributes towards the costs of running the site and all such ads are selected and administered independently by Google.


Use of Information from the Electropaedia Web Site


The copyright of all the pages on the Electropaedia web site belongs to Woodbank Communications Ltd.

You may freely use extracts of the information published here in your own publications or Web sites but only if, in each instance, you prominently acknowledge Electropaedia as the source with a link to the web site as follows www.electropaedia.com or by means of a link directly to the relevant page on the www.mpoweruk.com domain. If you choose to take advantage of this opportunity we would also expect you to notify us at admin@woodbank.com where we can find the publication in which the information is used.


You may not use large sections of text or images and pass them off as your own work.






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