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Battery Applications


The table below shows the range of applications which use batteries together with typical battery capacities required by the application. The section on Battery Types outlines the diverse range of batteries which are available for powering these applications.


Corner Type Energy Applications Corner

  Miniature Batteries

100 mWh-2 Wh   

Electric watches, calculators, implanted medical devices (Mostly Primary Cells in small Button Cell packages)


  Batteries for Portable Equipment   

2 Wh-100 Wh

Flashlights, toys, power tools, portable radio and TV, mobile phones, camcorders, lap-top computers, memory refreshing, instruments, cordless devices, wireless peripherals, emergency beacons (Mostly Secondary Cells such as NiCad, NiMH and Lithium Ion as well as some Alkaline primary cells)


  SLI Batteries
  (Starting Lighting & Ignition)

100-600 Wh

Cars, trucks, buses, lawn mowers, wheel chairs, robots (Mostly Lead Acid batteries)


  Vehicle Traction Batteries

20 -630 kWh

EVs, HEVs, PHEVs, fork lift trucks, milk floats, locomotives (NiMH and Lithium)


  Stationary Batteries

250 Wh-5 MWh

Emergency power, local energy storage,remote relay stations, communication base stations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). (Mostly Lead Acid with Lithium recently making some inroads)


  Military & Aerospace Wide range

Satellites, munitions, robots, emergency power, communications (Fuel Cells, Nickel Hydrogen, Water Activated batteries and other Alternatives)


  Special Purpose

3 MWh

Submarines (Mostly Lead Acid batteries)


  Load Levelling Batteries

5-100 MWh

Spinning reserve, peak shaving, load levelling (Various Lead Acid and Lithium plus Alternatives)









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