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Images and Diagrams


Images and Diagrams Illustrating the Text in the Electropaedia History and Applications Pages


Alloy Junction Transistor

Apollo 11 Rocket Stages

Archimedes Machines

Bohr's Atom and Spectral Lines

Bristol, Temple Meads Station

Brunel - Engineering Superman

Brunel's Bridges

CERN's CMS Particle Detector

Charged Particle Tracks

Clock and Watch Movements

Cugnot's Steam Carriage


Diffused Base "Mesa" Transistor

Double Acting Piston

Drift Chamber Particle Detector

Eccles-Jordan Flip Flop Circuit

Einstein and Szilárd's 1939 letter to President Roosevelt

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL)

Entanglement and Bell's Inequality

Faraday Disk Motor/Generator

Faraday's Electric Motor

Feynman's Particle Physics Diagrams

George Antheil

The Great Eastern

Harrison's Marine Chronometers

Hedy Lamarr

Heisenberg's Matrix Mechanics

Hero's Aeolipile


Hysteresis Loop


Krupp's Monster Gustav Gun

Krupp's Paris Gun

Krupp Weldless Steel Railway Tyre

London, Paddington Station

Lorentz Force

Magdeburg Hemispheres


Martin Cooper with his DynaTAC Mobile Phone

Michelson's Interferometer and the Michelson-Morley Experiment

Millikan's Determination of Planck's Constant

Negative Resistance Characteristic

Newcomen's Steam Engine

Normal Distribution

Papin's Steam Engine

Planar Transistor

Plato's Cave Allegory

Point Contact Transistor

Pulse Jet Engine

R-7 Rocket which Launched Sputnik 1

Roman Aqueducts

Savery's Steam Engine


Smeaton's Whirling Arm

Stephenson's Rocket Locomotive

Stern-Gerlach Experiment Demonstrating Quantum Spin

Surface Barrier Transistor

Three Input RTL NOR Gate

Timekeepers Ancient and Modern

Travelling Wave Tube (TWT)

Trevithick's Pen-y-Darren Locomotive

Tunnel Diode Characteristic

V-1 Cruise Missile / Flying Bomb

V-2 Rocket

Watt's Flyball Centrifugal Governor

Watt's Steam Engine

Young's Double Slit Interference Experiment






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